Initial thoughts on Microsoft MVC

My first thought is, I really wish I could use this at work, but it is working nicely so far for my rewrite of my web site. Writing Classic ASP style again is taking a little getting used to again though, the visual preview from the designers made styling the page a lot nicer.

The lack of control designers also seem like it would hinder having a graphics guy using Expression Web do the UI with MVC based web applications. But I have never worked with a graphics guy on a project that way anyway so I am could be wrong.


It would also be nice if the method used by the Route class to parse the Url was virtual, so I could subclass it and allow me to parse something like:


to go to the Examples controller, going into the following controller action

public void ShowSource(string[] Categories, string ID)

which would allow me to have a consistent directory scheme for both the ASP.Net examples, along with the Classic ASP examples that are already available.

I could probably do something like /Example/Simple_Form/MultiPageForm/ and use [Controller]/[Category]/[ID]/[Action] but I would prefer it to get to the controller action pre-parsed.

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